A revival musical after Nick Cave's Murder Ballads by Das Helmi Puppet Theatre

Premiere Musiktheater im Revier, Gelsenkirchen, 05.05.2024

A pregnant detective and her colleague the platypus are called to investigate a series of murders in the area of Gelsenkirchen. A seemingly orderly neighbour wearing a lot of perfume irritates them talking about keys and coffee stains. Joy, Stagger Lee, Henry Lee, Kylie, Mary… more murders. In an arid wasteland, dangerous lizards, wise desert animals and prototaxites -million years old giant funghi inhabiting Earth before trees did- are there… to guide or to mislead us?

Directing and Texts Florian Loycke Co-directing Nolundi Tschudi Musical Lead and Arrangements Jakob Dobers Stage and Costumes Louise Pons Puppets Felix Loycke, Nolundi Tschudi, Florian Loycke Light Mario Turco Sound Jörg Debbert Dramaturgy Anna-Maria Polke

With Maximilan Teschemacher, Gloria Iberl-Thieme, Daniel Jeroma, Jakob Dobers, Nolundi Tschudi, Florian Loycke, Brian Morrow, Amy G Dala

Photos Sascha Kreklau