experience chthulucene

Model for a traveling stage, installation and performance
Master graduation project by Louise Pons and Mirjam Schaal
presented at the Tiergarten in Berlin, July 2020

When you expect it the least, Experience Chthulucene comes to you and unravel its treasures.
Furries jump out of the orange truck and install the big spider gate, followed by a group of raving firebugs carrying their police car and praising the giant egg, a marching band offers you to share the bread humans in their company, the oracle is told by the truck driver who inhalated the smokes of the wise stone, and you haven’t had time to realise what just happened - the orange truck is already driving off to its next destination!

Inspired by Ursula Le Guin’s Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction, Experience Chthulucene is a nomad stage which is never complete, never finished. It is not a fixed place, nor a fixed structure. It is not a closed system, nor model for a perfect world. Experience Chthulucene is a porous, permeable place, where the human is a species among others.