Ur-Oper #4

By & with Jakob Dobers, Louise Pons, Emir Tebatebai
Music Jakob Dobers, Puppets Louise Pons

Premiere Ballhaus Ost Berlin, 01.04.2023

Eduardo Pons Prades, who fought in the Sponich Civil War and in the Resistance, shared testimonies of the wars in many of his books.
On August 31, 1981, he was invited to board the spaceship « Light of the Cosmos » where seven extraterrestrials would entrust him a message of peace, the same messoge of peace he fought for his whole life.

I WANT TO BELIEVE is part of the series “Auf die Suche nach der Ur-Oper as the “Ur-Oper #4”, where Das Helmiand guests are on the big quest for the real primordial opera. Their adventures where to be followed every month of 2023 in an original stage design by the UdK student in Ballhaus Ost.

A production by Das Helmi in cooperation with Ballhaus Ost and the UdK Bühnenbild class led by Janina Audick.
Funded by the Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa.