LD50: the Vorkoster

Durational performance and video series
Concept: the Only Game in Town (Mirjam Schaal & Louise Pons)

with Janet Rothe, Rasmus Slätis and Florian Loycke as the Nominees
mentored by Markus Öhrn in the framework of Forecast - Skills e.V.
presented within Forecast Festival V, April 2021

visit LD50.science NOW to discover the mysterious universe of LD50

The mysterious company LD50 has been running a year-long experiment which could save humanity from the perils of overpopulation. In this experiment, three volunteers were shrunk to the size of a pill and swallowed by a living human being: the Vorkoster. Since then, LD50 has been observing the development of the group in the unwelcoming environment of the human digestive system.

“Only Game in Town’s dystopian, disturbing, surreal, strange, unpredictable, and yet realistic project evolves around the high-tech company LD50, which has the solution for our overpopulated world: shrinking people to the size of a pill, which is then swallowed by a person chosen as the Vorkoster. By letting us, the audience, witness the three nominees’ lives inside the Vorkoster’s stomach, Only Game in Town are addressing topics relevant to the here and now. How shall we deal with overpopulation when we’re using too many resources for Mother Earth to survive?
In times when our world is experiencing a pandemic, with closed borders, lockdowns, and our solidarity with others at stake, I am very much looking forward to mentoring this project. I am also fascinated and impressed by the duo’s DIY aesthetics and the unique universe they evoke, which somehow feels closer to reality than reality itself. It strikes me as a fresh breeze in our overproduced and polished art world, where we have lost contact with our inner chaos.”

Markus Öhrn